What’s in your Diesel Head Box?

1 x Diesel Head Assembly complete with 3 x 8mm Grub Screws already fitted
1 x Allen Key / 1 x Spanner
1 x Emergency Fuelling Adaptor
3 x 10mm Grub Screws / 3 x Hexagonal Head Bolts

DieselHead contents image


Fitting Instructions – Diesel Head

Step 1: First remove your existing fuel cap; you will not need this anymore.

Step 2: Remove the Diesel Head Cap from the Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device body. Place the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device body over your car’s diesel fuel inlet nozzle, ensuring that the yellow plastic half moon shape faces downwards. Tighten the 3 x 8mm Grub Screws / 3 x Hexagonal Head Bolts  that are fitted into the Diesel Head body using the Allen Key / Spanner provided until the Diesel Head is firmly secured to the fuel inlet nozzle. If you find it easier, screw the 3 Grub Screws / 3 Hexagonal Head Bolts in slightly further with the Allen Key / Spanner before placing the Diesel Head body over your car’s fuel inlet nozzle.

Step 3: If you find the 3 x 8mm Grub Screws are not long enough to tighten the Diesel Head body to your particular fuel inlet nozzle you can use the 3 x 10mm Grub screws which should be long enough. Once the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device is fitted you can forget the perils of pumping petrol into your diesel vehicle’s fuel tank.


You will find in your box 1 x Emergency Fuelling Adaptor; if you run out of fuel and can only get more diesel using an “unleaded” fuel can, then you must insert the Emergency Fuelling Adaptor into your Diesel Head to allow you to re-fuel using the unleaded can.