Here at Protech we can Service, Repair and Test your Waterway items at our workshop.

We have direct contact with manufacturers and stockists from overseas and New Zealand of…


  • Branches(Nozzles)
  • Foam Inductors
  • Appliance Fittings
  • Monitors
  • Master Stream
  • Apparatus Valves
  • Apparatus Fittings
  • Field Service Kits


TFT – (Task force tips)

  • Initial Attack Components
  • Apparatus Components
  • OEM Installed Components
  • Field Repair Kits
TFT Nozzle


  • Branches(Nozzles)
  • Parts



  • Adaptors, Fittings and Hardware
  • Foam and Foam Equipment
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Hose and Couplings
  • Hose Reels
  • Monitors and Nozzles
  • Portable Pumps and Generators